General Assembley

The General Assembley is the supreme body of BACR. It consists of all BACR members.

The main functions of the General Assembley are:

  • to amend and supplement the Statute
  • to adopt other internal acts, including an Ethical Code of BACR as proposed by the Management Board
  • to elect and release the president and the members of the Management Board
  • to make decisions to establish or close branches
  • to make decisions for the participation in other organisations
  • to make decisions for the restructuring or termination of BACR
  • to adopt the main guidances and a program for the activity of BARC
  • to approve the budget of BACR
  • to make decions about the need of property contributions
  • to approve the activity report of BACR
  • to cancel decisions of other bodies of BACR, which are contrary to the law, the Statute or other internal acts, regulating BACR’s activity