Members are and can be individuals and companies, active in the area of clinical studies, investigators, medical facilities and as well as other persons involved with clinical research.

Rights of the members

  • to participate in the management of BACR
  • to elect and be elected in the bodies of BACR
  • to be informed about BACR’s actvity and financial status
  • to receive opinions on work related cases
  • to receive advice about the work with BDA and KEMI (Ethics Committee for Multicenter Studies)
  • to participate in the working groups of BACR
  • other rights according to the law, the Statute and the decisions of the General Assembley of BACR

Obligations of the members: 

  • to pay their membership fee
  • to pay their property contributions and other contributions, if this is provided in the Statute
  • to protect the reputation of BACR, to promote BACR’s objectives and activity and to support BACR according with their possibilites
  • to protect their reputation, to comply with the law and the general established rules
  • to follow the rules of BACR’s Ethical Code and Good Glinical Practice.