Management Board

The Management Board is the management body of BACR.
The Management Board consists of 3 to 7 persons, who are members of BACR: a president, deputy-president and members of the board.
The Management Board members are elected for a term of 3 years. The same person can’t be elected for a Management Board member for more than 2 consequtive terms. The President of BACR is also a member and president of the Management Board.
The Management Board has the following authority:

  • Represents BACR and determines the amount of representative authority of its  separate members.
  • Ensures that the General Assembly decisions are executed
  • Manages and disposes with the property of BACR, in compliance with the Statute requirements
  • Prepares and submits to the General Assemble the budget draft of BACR
  • Prepares and submits to the General Assemble a report for the activity of BACR
  • Determines, organises and is responsible for activity of BACR
  • Determines the address of BACR
  • Takes decisions for all matters, which according to the law or to the Statute, are not within the authority of another body.
  • Performs other obligations, according to BACR’s Statute

As of 21 June 2019, following the elections for Management Board members and president during a meeting of the General Assembley of BACR, the Management Board of BACR consists of:
President of the Management Board
– Dr. Borislav Borissov, Synexus Bulgaria

Deputy-President of the Management Board – Dr. Denitsa Desheva, PPD Bulgaria


  1. Dr. Spaska Parusheva, AstraZeneca Bulgaria
  2. Teodor Totev
  3. Dr. Ralitsa Yankova, IQVIA Bulgaria
  4. Yoana Ormanova, Novatis Bulgaria
  5. Anna Blagoeva, Covance Bulgaria

The term of the present Management Board shall expire on 21 June 2022.

Borislav Borissov Borislav Borissov Chairman of the Board
Denitsa Desheva Denitsa Desheva Vice-Chairman of the Board
Teodor Totev Teodor Totev Secretary of the Board
Spaska Parusheva Spaska Parusheva Мember of the Board
Ralitsa Yankova Ralitsa Yankova Мember of the Board
Yoana Ormanova Yoana Ormanova Мember of the Board
Anna Blagoeva Anna Blagoeva Мember of the Board
Katya Mukanova Katya Mukanova BACR's technical secretary